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This NorthStar 7-Nozzle Broadcast Boom Sprayer Kit converts select NorthStar sprayers into a time-saving broadcast sprayer. Allows quick switching between boom and spot spraying. Left/center/right nozzle control accommodates full broadcast, narrow strip and perimeter spraying. Spring-loaded breakaway boom arm design. DOWNLOAD our datasheet.

7-Nozzle Boom Kit For ATV Sprayers

  • NTE #:  99901 or 99901X

    • Deluxe 7-nozzle boom kit converts a spot sprayer into a time-saving broadcast sprayer with 3.6m (11.7-ft.) spray width
    • Left/center/right boom control accomodates full broadcast, narrow strip and perimeter spraying capabilites
    • Spring-loaded boom arms harmlessly break away if an object is stuck, easily connect/disconnect from the sprayer, and fold for storage
    • Dimensions - boom folded: 1.15m (45.30"), boom open: 3.19m (125.42") 
    • Check valves help prevent nozzle drips when the pump is turned off
    • 99901 Kit: 
       - works with "Deluxe NorthStar Sprayers"  99919, 99920, 99922, 99905, 99906, 99908 and 99909
    • 99901X Kit:
      - Works with "Standard NorthStar Sprayers" 26810011, 2681201, 2681101, and 26812101
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