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These new NorthStar Deluxe® sprayers are completely redesigned from the ground up, breaking away from the outdated traditional models. Now specifically designed for ATV's, these Deluxe Sprayers feature a low center of gravity, easy access to components, and deliver upgrades in almost every way. 

This NorthStar High-Pressure Spot Sprayer offers improved coverage with finer droplets and an extended spray distance. The reliable, high-pressure NorthStar® NSQ Series™ on-demand pump generates  impressive flow rates for high-volume delivery that takes care of applications fast and effortlessly. Includes deluxe spray gun, adjustable stream-to-cone brass nozzle,and hose. The extra-thick walled 98 litre tank means less time refilling. DOWNLOAD our datasheet.

98 Litre Deluxe High Pressure Spot Sprayer

  • NTE #:  99921

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